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Credit Score Matters

Viewing your credit report^ is quick and easy with Credit Score Matters. Not only does it include your credit report but it also includes your credit score at no extra cost, so you may gain a comprehensive view about your financial history and where you stand in the eyes on lenders if you were to apply for credit.

Why choose Credit Score Matters?

  • Instant online and unlimited access to your credit report^
  • 24/7 identity alerts for any changes to your credit rating^
  • Dedicated fraud team for victims
  • Recover your identity with our fraud resources
  • Check for errors against your identity
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The benefits of accessing my credit report


Your credit report will tell you and prospective lenders how good your current credit history is. If you are trying to access credit in the form of a loan or a credit card but keep being refused, then a look into your report may hold the answers.


Credit Reports are used by banks when assessing mortgage applications. A credit report will indicate whether you are registered on the electoral role and whether you have any County Court Judgments.


When taking out credit consumers generally want the lowest APR to reduce their overall repayments. The APR offered to a consumer can vary though depending on their credit history. If you are deemed to have a "good" credit score in the eyes of the lender then you may be offered a more favourable rate to someone who may not have such a favourable scoring.

How do I view my credit report?

If you are a new member to Credit Score Matters you will need to follow a quick and simple verification process to view your report.

Once you have completed this your report will be accessible to you at any time.

Why do I need to do this? Click Here for more information.
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