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Credit Score Matters

Take charge of your credit rating by viewing your credit report bought to you by Credit Rating Matters, in conjunction with credit services provider, Callcredit.

Viewing your credit report has never been easier and our 3 step process will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Log in now to view your report to gain an understanding of what lenders are looking for:

What is Credit Score Matters?

Credit Score Matters is a membership programme which provides access to your credit report and credit score. These credit tools are provided by Callcredit Limited, and may provide an insight into your financial positioning in the eyes of lenders.

Every adult has a credit report which details any bank accounts they may have, credit cards, loans, debts and whether they are registered on the electoral role. The credit report monitors all relevant movements which occurs through out their life time such as opening a new account and closing an existing one, taking out a mortgage, even mobile phone repayments.

Membership with Credit Score Matters provides you with unlimited access to your report and score, so that you may monitor your financial positioning.Once you have successfully verified your details, you can view your credit report as frequently as you like. The report will update periodically and reflect changes in your financial activity.

Identity Fraud

Unfortunately there are many fraudsters trying to gain access to your personal information to use for their own gain. If they were successful they may apply for credit in your name or commit a benefit crime which can greatly affect your credit rating.

If this were to happen, your credit report would show this and you can then act swiftly, notify the correct authorities and start the process to reinstate your name.

Regularly reviewing your credit report cannot prevent fraud but it can enable you to react quickly and minimise the damage.

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